We have 80,000 professionals on our roster. As well as a network of partners who offer value-added services.

Freelancer standing by

Freelancers are
standing by.

Your art director’s on vacation. Your copywriter’s on maternity leave. You’re pitching a stellar project, but lack the digital expertise. Creative Niche can help.

Be it a few off-site hours, a 12-month in-house gig or the need for an entire virtual team customized to address a specific project, we’ll scout and recruit the right freelance talent faster than you can say “we need more hands on deck.”

People handshake guarantee permanent placements

Placements Guaranteed.

Our global talent network gives you access to the best creative professionals in the world. We’re so sure of it, we guarantee all permanent placements.

Of course, given the customized search strategy we undergo to find you the perfect skill set and cultural match, long-term recruitment success is practically a given, but the fact we offer a guarantee is certainly nice to know.

Professional button up a shirt

Find a Leader
Worth Following.

An executive level change speaks to a shift at the very core of an organization. That’s why we follow a discreet three-step process that allows us to assess your organizational needs, find suitable candidates, and negotiate a seamless leadership transition. We take our placement protocol seriously but none is more important than at the highest level.

Learn more about our flawless methodology for your next executive search.


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  • Critical Mass
  • XO Group
  • Deloitte
  • Freshbooks
  • The&Partnership
  • TD Bank
  • Thomson Reuters

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